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LX33-11 | LX33-22 | LX33-32 | Công tắc hình trình | Limit Switch | LX33-11 | LX33-22 | LX33-32

【a brief introdction】

LX56-11G2 micro switch basic technical parameters: 
1, AC Life: 300,000 DC life: 15 million times 
2. Mechanical life: 50 million times 
3. Repeat accuracy: ± 0.05mm 
4, standard: GB / T 14048. E-2000 GB 14048.5-2001

【Detailed description】

LX56-11G2 Micro Switch Description:

Micro Switch Overview

LX56 series micro switch for AC rated voltage 380v and below; DC rated voltage 2240v and below and is not electrically separated from the control circuit having the same polarity, due to its excellent performance, reliable operation for access time is short ( <100ms>, low contact resistance (<100mΩ), and with a full range of forms of the operating head, so it is for the stroke control, signal conversion widely used in electrical machines, appliances, instruments and other industries, the chain and other kinds of purposes. action principle switch LX56 series micro-switch is an electrical component having a single break point three terminals and instant action type, using a pair of normally open contacts, a pair of normally closed contacts and a frame supported on a jump action can contact piece as the movable contact structure, the switching from force (stopper lance, etc.) under the action of the contact piece by operating the compression member beyond dead center position, normally open NC instantly converted immediately, when an external force is gradually reduced to a certain value (less than restoring force), the normally open and normally closed contact immediately and automatically reset to its original state so far, so as to control the electrical circuit.models


Use of the environment 
1, Altitude: less than 2000m 
2, protection class: IP40 
3, Installation conditions: installation at any angle 
4, ambient air temperature: Average -5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ and 24h does not exceed 35 deg.] C + 
5, pollution level : level 2 
6. installation category:. ⅱ class basic technical parameters 1, the basic parameters


2, AC Life: 300,000 DC life: 150,000 times 
3. Mechanical life: 50 million times 
4. Repeat accuracy: ± 0.05mm 
5, standard: GB / T 14048.E-2000 GB 14048.5-2001 appearance and Mounting dimensions













Contact maximum capacity

Ordering example 
a pusher column match type: LX56-11Z micro switch 10 
b Panel mounting post match type: LX56-11M micro switch 10 
c hinge roller lever type: LX56-11G micro switch 10 used correctly 1. switch installation must be solid and reliable, installation screws and terminal screws must not Guo Jin, too fast, so as not to slip teeth and wire nuts to the base housing deformation, fragmentation. 2. The boundaries must be access to reliable and secure, comply with the requirements specified on the product standards. Bad wiring method will produce the switch body or wire is pulled, the tension is too large phenomenon. A sufficient length of wire must be replaced and fixed it on the way. 3. Switch protection rating IP40, be sure to avoid the oil, water splashing or spraying place when used, it should be installed at the same time switch from processing chips, dust impact place. Even in the accumulation of sludge have cut or the places where they must use a protective cover and take measures to protect the drive shaft and the main switch. 4. The temperature switch should avoid provisions, and under atmospheric conditions, due to thermal changes dramatically when the switch due to thermal shock leading to relaxation, to malfunction. 5. Push the switch plunger stroke hit the block must be adjusted to the actual overtravel switch 1/3 (ie, left margin overtravel 2/3) hit the block pusher pushes the switch, the switch should not push rod there are distortions. This series of micro-switches do not apply to electrically separate control circuit.


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