35-13319M | Topwoarx 35-13319M | Limit switch | Công tắc giới hạn cho box P1000035491/F | Topworx


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35-13319M | Topworx 35-13319M | Limit switch | Công tắc giới hạn cho box P1000035491/F | Topworx

Model 35: The GO Switch Inside

The GO Switch Model 35 leverless limit switch has set the standard for reliable performance in valve position monitors. When ordering valve position monitors and switchboxes, be sure to specify GO Switch. Now available in the original SPDT copper body or the DPDT stainless steel "Z" switch.



Problems Solution
Both low and high current applications are required Can be used with PLC loads and higher current loads associated with older control systems. Eliminates the need for relays and other current limiting components.
Electrical noise present in the control circuit causing electronics to malfunction No need to protect from electrical noise interfering with the products operation.
Facilities operate on both AC and DC control systems Capable of switching both AC and DC currents
Broad range of position sensing applications require multiple output types (normally open, normally closed, PNP, NPN, Namur, etc.) GO™ Switch versatile contacts and can be wired in multiple output configurations, reducing installation cost and complexity
Division 1 hazardous area location increases installation costs Installation cost savings in Class I, Division 1 hazardous areas by eliminating the need for a lead seal.
High moisture or dust levels in the environment Epoxy sealed contact chamber protects against water or dust intrusion.
Intrinsically safe circuits required for hazardous location GO™ Switch is a simply apparatus, allowing it to be installed in environments requiring intrinsically safe circuits.
Application requires objects to be sensed through a solid medium GO™ Switch senses only ferrous materials and magnets, allowing for sensing through non-ferrous materials
Variable target location makes required sensing distance difficult to specify Target magnets can be utilized to increase the sensing distance


  • Rugged copper housing withstands physical abuse, moisture and corrosives
  • Seesaw armature provides snap action and solid contact pressure, eliminating ‘contact teasing’ and ‘contact chatter’ in high vibration applications
  • Hermetically sealed contacts enable switchbox wiring in Div 2 areas with no seal-off required
  • One model does it all – AC, DC, N/O, N/C, high current or low current
  • Snap-action response and low hysteresis provide precision position feedback
  • No lever arms, cams, or springs to wear, break, or fail
  • RFI immune, consumes no power to operate, and has no current leakage or voltage drop
  • Not susceptible to contact chatter, bounce, or welding
  • Hermetically sealed SPDT form C contacts
  • 4A/120VAC, 3A/24VDC
  • Copper-Nickel alloy enclosure
  • 0.100" End Sensing
  • -50° to 105°C (-40° to 221°F) standard operating temperature

Precision Sensing

Extreme (High and Low) Temperature 
Rated for continuous operation in high temperatures up to 204C (400F). Especially useful in steam turbines as well as high heat boilers, dryers, steel processing, and aluminum die-casting. Extreme low temperatures as low as -60C (-76F).
  • Model 71 GO Switch
    The GO™ Switch Model 71 offers a solution for the smallest diameter round switch. used extensively in factory automation applications it provides consistent reliability.
  • Model 72 GO Switch
    The GO Switch Model 72 has the smallest diameter (3/8”) of any round leverless limit switch, and is used extensively in factory automation applications.
  • Model 73 GO Switch
    ​The GO Switch Models 73 and 74 are the world’s most commonly used and widely trusted leverless limit switches with no external moving parts, no springs or cams, and no reed element, so there is nothing to wear or fail.
  • Model 74 GO Switch
    The GO Switch Models 73 and 74 are the world’s most commonly used and widely trusted leverless limit switches with no external moving parts, no springs or cams, and no reed element, so there is nothing to wear or fail.
  • Model 75 GO Switch
    GO Switch Models 75 and 76 have the same great features of Models 73 and 74 but with the added benefit of greater length.
  • Model 76 GO Switch
    ​GO Switch Models 75 and 76 have the same great features of Models 73 and 74 but with the added benefit of greater length.
  • Model 77 GO Switch
    GO Switch Model 77 has the same great features of Models 73 and 74 but with the added benefit of a much greater length.
  • Model 7G GO Switch
    The GO Switch Model 7G leverless limit switche offers unique options such as hermetic seal and Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) contact arrangements.
  • Model 7H GO Switch
    The GO Switch Model 7H leverless limit switch differs from the 7G in that it has no conduit hub. Like the 7G, its solid stainless steel construction and global certifications make it the ideal choice for a variety of applications.

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