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LRD8200 | Lion | Cảm biến nhãn siêu âm | LRD8200 | Ultrasonic Label Sensor | Lion Vietnam

LRD8200: Ultrasonic Label Sensor

Ultrasonic label sensor for all labels including clear. Pushbutton and Gap Quickset adjustments.

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Survey Response

“The sensors worked better than anything else we had, so we converted all our labelers to Lion.”

Usually Ships Same Day

Ultrasonic is the latest in clear label sensor technology. For the ultimate in ease of use, this sensor features pushbutton adjustments and a clear, easy to understand display. Operators can tell from a distance if the sensor is set and operating correctly. If adjustment is required, it is easily accomplished with a few button presses. Ultrasonic technology is slower than capacitive sensors, so for the ultimate in registration accuracy, use a capacitive sensors (LRD2100LRD6110)

Risk-Free LRD Label Sensors

  • Over 50,000 LRD clear label sensors have been selected for pressure sensitive labelers around the world.
  • Best tech support and lots of technical data if you need it.
  • 30-Day Guarantee. If the sensor doesn't work better than what you have, you can return it.
  • The only clear label sensors with a two-year warranty.

Reduce Downtime and Other Costs

Fast, easy setup: The LRD8200 clear label sensor is designed to make your label-sensing life as easy as possible. Easy pushbuttons and Gap Quickset mean quick and easy adjustment to label stock - one click and you're set with "Gap Quickset." No need for complex button sequences, reading tiny displays, or interpreting flashing light codes to determine what you've just changed or adjusted.

Avoid costly "eye-marks" on label webs which are required for optical sensors. Clear label sensors pay for themselves quickly when you stop ordering eye-marks on your labels.

Get the Right Label Sensor, Reduce Future Headaches

LRD8200 Ultrasonic Label Sensor works reliably with clear and paper labels.

For high-speed machines and greatest registration accuracy, use a capacitive label sensor. See our test results of label sensor performance. For a complete guide to choosing a label sensor, visit

Stay in Control, Simply

"Teachable" sensors often leave you without any control; if it doesn't work, there's nothing you can do. This clear label sensor features simple adjustments and indicators that keep you in control. The Triple-Check bar-graph shows you what's happening with the label and enables you to pick the best setup.

  • Light-Touch Push-Button Adjustments
  • At a Glance "Triple-Check Verification"
  • Easy to Understand Indicators
  • Easy Mode Switching
  • Easy Setup
  • Wide Fork (3mm)
  • Two-Year Warranty (details)
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

Light-Touch Push-Button Adjustments

No more adjustment screwdrivers! These push-buttons are easy to push, and the polyester overlay means they won't wear or crack for at least 1,000,000 operations. Visual push-button indicator turns red when out of range.

Label Sensor Over Range Indicator

How Simple Can It Be?

With Triple-check Verification, a simple glance, even from a distance, assures the operator that sensor is working properly. If the three marked indicators are on while running, the sensor is setup and working correctly. If they are not, simply press an adjustment button a few times until they are.

Label Sensor Triple Check Verification

Easy Mode Switching

Light/Dark Switching indicators make it easy to tell which mode you're in. It's easy to change intentionally, but hard to change accidentally.

Label Sensor Mode Switching

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Easy Setup Video (1:52)


Mounting adapter to fit other LRD model sensors' mounting holes

Extended baseplate (2", 50.4 mm) to support wide webs


LRD8200 Label Sensor: P016-6100
LRD8200 Label Sensor with LRD mounting adapter bracket: P016-6101 
LRD8200 Label Sensor with extended baseplate: P016-6103 
LRD8200 Label Sensor with extended baseplate and mounting adapter: P016-6104 
LRD mounting adapter bracket only: P016-6090 
Extended baseplate only: B016-8341 
Cable for LRD8200: 6200-0081

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LRD8200 Ultrasonic Label Sensor Specifications

Life-Cycle Status: Active

Response Time 125 µs
Accuracy 60 m/min: 0.30 mm (0.012")
250 m/min: 1.25 mm (0.050")
Switching Frequency > 1 kHz
Operating Temp 40°F-140°F
Outputs NPN, PNP Open collector
Environmental Rating IP54
Power In +12-24 VDC
Short-Circuit and Overload Protection

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Label Sensor only

 Download STEP CAD File

LRD8200 Mechanical and Mounting Dimensions


Label Sensor with Mounting Adapter Bracket and Extended Baseplate

LRD8200 with LRD Mounting Adapter

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Precision Sensing

Extreme (High and Low) Temperature 
Rated for continuous operation in high temperatures up to 204C (400F). Especially useful in steam turbines as well as high heat boilers, dryers, steel processing, and aluminum die-casting. Extreme low temperatures as low as -60C (-76F).
    The GO™ Switch Model 71 offers a solution for the smallest diameter round switch. used extensively in factory automation applications it provides consistent reliability.
    The GO Switch Model 72 has the smallest diameter (3/8”) of any round leverless limit switch, and is used extensively in factory automation applications.
    ​The GO Switch Models 73 and 74 are the world’s most commonly used and widely trusted leverless limit switches with no external moving parts, no springs or cams, and no reed element, so there is nothing to wear or fail.
    The GO Switch Models 73 and 74 are the world’s most commonly used and widely trusted leverless limit switches with no external moving parts, no springs or cams, and no reed element, so there is nothing to wear or fail.
    GO Switch Models 75 and 76 have the same great features of Models 73 and 74 but with the added benefit of greater length.
    ​GO Switch Models 75 and 76 have the same great features of Models 73 and 74 but with the added benefit of greater length.
    GO Switch Model 77 has the same great features of Models 73 and 74 but with the added benefit of a much greater length.
    The GO Switch Model 7G leverless limit switche offers unique options such as hermetic seal and Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) contact arrangements.
    The GO Switch Model 7H leverless limit switch differs from the 7G in that it has no conduit hub. Like the 7G, its solid stainless steel construction and global certifications make it the ideal choice for a variety of applications.

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