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MODEL Model MAF500 BS Bore Size 20A:3/4 DRAIN Drain Type Blank:standard PT Port Thread Blank:Rc thread PDF PDF catalog PDF catalog

MAL500-20A | Bộ lọc khí nén tách dầu | Mindman Vietnam


Category Air Lubricator
Ambient Temperature -5 to +60 C (No Freezing)
Mass (g) 1,100
Series MAL500
Port Size 3/4
Medium Air
Mounting Type with bracket
Proof Pressure (MPa) 1.5
Libricating Oil Capacity (c.c.) 175
Minimum Flow for Oil Drip (l/min) 190
Thread Type NPT
Bowl Type Metal with bowl guard
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa) 1.0
Manufacturer Mindman



Standard cylinders
Tube I.D. φ40~200 (mm). 
Designs of oil-filled alloy. special housing and bushing provide the needed self-lubrication of piston rod.


Standard cylinders
Tube I.D.φ1 1/2”~4”(inch). 
Designs of oil-filled alloy.special housing and bushing provide the needed self-lubrication of piston rod. Hard anodized aluminum cylinder tubes resist corrosion and abrasion.


Standard cylinders
Tube I.D. φ40~200 (mm). 
Designs of oil-filled alloy. special housing and bushing provide the needed self-lubrication of piston rod.


Standard cylinders
Tube I.D.φ1 1/2”~4”(inch). 
Designs of oil-filled alloy.special housing and bushing provide the needed self-lubrication of piston rod. Hard anodized aluminum cylinder tubes resist corrosion and abrasion.



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MCMA-11-25-10, MCMA-11-25-15 , MCMA-11-25-20, MCMA-11-25-25, MCMA-11-25-30, MCMA-11-25-35 , MCMA-11-25-40, MCMA-11-25-45, MCMA-11-25-50, MCMA-11-25-60,MCMA-11-25-70, MCMA-11-25-75, MCMA-11-25-80, MCMA-11-25-100, MCMA-11-25-125 , MCMA-11-25-140, MCMA-11-25-150, MCMA-11-25-175, MCMA-11-25-180, MCMA-11-25-250, MCMA-11-25-225, MCMA-11-25-250, MCMA-11-25-300, MCMA-11-25-350, MCMA-11-25-375, MCMA-11-25-400, MCMA-11-25-500, MCMA-13-25-10, MCMA-13-25-20, MCMA-13-25-25, MCMA-13-25-30, MCMA-13-25-40, MCMA-13-25-50, MCMA-13-25-75, MCMA-13-25-100, MCMA-13-25-125, MCMA-15-25-10, MCMA-15-25-20, MCMA-15-25-25, MCMA-15-25-30, MCMA-15-25-40, MCMA-15-25-50, MCMA-15-25-75, MCMA-15-25-100, MCMA-15-25-125

MCMA-11-32-10, MCMA-11-32-15 , MCMA-11-32-20, MCMA-11-32-25, MCMA-11-32-30, MCMA-11-32-35 , MCMA-11-32-40, MCMA-11-32-45, MCMA-11-32-50, MCMA-11-32-60,MCMA-11-32-70, MCMA-11-32-75, MCMA-11-32-80, MCMA-11-32-100, MCMA-11-32-125 , MCMA-11-32-140, MCMA-11-32-150, MCMA-11-32-175, MCMA-11-32-180, MCMA-11-32-320, MCMA-11-32-225, MCMA-11-32-250, MCMA-11-32-300, MCMA-11-32-350, MCMA-11-32-375, MCMA-11-32-400, MCMA-11-32-500, MCMA-13-32-10, MCMA-13-32-20, MCMA-13-32-25, MCMA-13-32-30, MCMA-13-32-40, MCMA-13-32-50, MCMA-13-32-75, MCMA-13-32-100, MCMA-13-32-125, MCMA-15-32-10, MCMA-15-32-20, MCMA-15-32-25, MCMA-15-32-30, MCMA-15-32-40, MCMA-15-32-50, MCMA-15-32-75, MCMA-15-32-100, MCMA-15-32-125

MCMA-11-40-10, MCMA-11-40-15 , MCMA-11-40-20, MCMA-11-40-25, MCMA-11-40-30, MCMA-11-40-35 , MCMA-11-40-40, MCMA-11-40-45, MCMA-11-40-50, MCMA-11-40-60,MCMA-11-40-70, MCMA-11-40-75, MCMA-11-40-80, MCMA-11-40-100, MCMA-11-40-125 , MCMA-11-40-140, MCMA-11-40-150, MCMA-11-40-175, MCMA-11-40-180, MCMA-11-40-400, MCMA-11-40-225, MCMA-11-40-250, MCMA-11-40-300, MCMA-11-40-350, MCMA-11-40-375, MCMA-11-40-400, MCMA-11-40-500, MCMA-13-40-10, MCMA-13-40-20, MCMA-13-40-25, MCMA-13-40-30, MCMA-13-40-40, MCMA-13-40-50, MCMA-13-40-75, MCMA-13-40-100, MCMA-13-40-125, MCMA-15-40-10, MCMA-15-40-20, MCMA-15-40-25, MCMA-15-40-30, MCMA-15-40-40, MCMA-15-40-50, MCMA-15-40-75, MCMA-15-40-100, MCMA-15-40-125
MCMA-11-16-10-N, MCMA-11-16-15-N , MCMA-11-16-20-N, MCMA-11-16-25-N, MCMA-11-16-30-N, MCMA-11-16-35-N , MCMA-11-16-40-N, MCMA-11-16-45-N, MCMA-11-16-50-N, MCMA-11-16-60-N,MCMA-11-16-70-N, MCMA-11-16-75-N, MCMA-11-16-80-N, MCMA-11-16-100-N, MCMA-11-16-125-N
MCMA-11-20-10-N, MCMA-11-20-15-N , MCMA-11-20-20-N, MCMA-11-20-25-N, MCMA-11-20-30-N, MCMA-11-20-35-N , MCMA-11-20-40-N, MCMA-11-20-45-N, MCMA-11-20-50-N, MCMA-11-20-60-N,MCMA-11-20-70-N, MCMA-11-20-75-N, MCMA-11-20-80-N, MCMA-11-20-100-N, MCMA-11-20-125-N , MCMA-11-20-140-N, MCMA-11-20-150-N, MCMA-11-20-175-N, MCMA-11-20-180-N, MCMA-11-20-200-N, MCMA-11-20-225-N, MCMA-11-20-250-N, MCMA-11-20-300-N, MCMA-11-20-350-N, MCMA-11-20-375-N, MCMA-11-20-400-N, MCMA-11-20-500-N
MCMA-11-25-10-N, MCMA-11-25-15-N , MCMA-11-25-20-N, MCMA-11-25-25-N, MCMA-11-25-30-N, MCMA-11-25-35-N , MCMA-11-25-40-N, MCMA-11-25-45-N, MCMA-11-25-50-N, MCMA-11-25-60-N,MCMA-11-25-70-N, MCMA-11-25-75-N, MCMA-11-25-80-N, MCMA-11-25-100-N, MCMA-11-25-125-N , MCMA-11-25-140-N, MCMA-11-25-150-N, MCMA-11-25-175-N, MCMA-11-25-180-N, MCMA-11-25-200-N, MCMA-11-25-225-N, MCMA-11-25-250-N, MCMA-11-25-300-N, MCMA-11-25-350-N, MCMA-11-25-375-N, MCMA-11-25-400-N, MCMA-11-25-500-N
MCMA-11-32-10-N, MCMA-11-32-15-N , MCMA-11-32-20-N, MCMA-11-32-25-N, MCMA-11-32-30-N, MCMA-11-32-35-N , MCMA-11-32-40-N, MCMA-11-32-45-N, MCMA-11-32-50-N, MCMA-11-32-60-N,MCMA-11-32-70-N, MCMA-11-32-75-N, MCMA-11-32-80-N, MCMA-11-32-100-N, MCMA-11-32-125-N , MCMA-11-32-140-N, MCMA-11-32-150-N, MCMA-11-32-175-N, MCMA-11-32-180-N, MCMA-11-32-200-N, MCMA-11-32-225-N, MCMA-11-32-250-N, MCMA-11-32-300-N, MCMA-11-32-350-N, MCMA-11-32-375-N, MCMA-11-32-400-N, MCMA-11-32-500-N
MCMA-11-40-10-N, MCMA-11-40-15-N , MCMA-11-40-20-N, MCMA-11-40-25-N, MCMA-11-40-30-N, MCMA-11-40-35-N , MCMA-11-40-40-N, MCMA-11-40-45-N, MCMA-11-40-50-N, MCMA-11-40-60-N,MCMA-11-40-70-N, MCMA-11-40-75-N, MCMA-11-40-80-N, MCMA-11-40-100-N, MCMA-11-40-125-N , MCMA-11-40-140-N, MCMA-11-40-150-N, MCMA-11-40-175-N, MCMA-11-40-180-N, MCMA-11-40-200-N, MCMA-11-40-225-N, MCMA-11-40-250-N, MCMA-11-40-300-N, MCMA-11-40-350-N, MCMA-11-40-375-N, MCMA-11-40-400-N, MCMA-11-40-500-N
MCMA-11-25-10-A-N, MCMA-11-25-15-A-N , MCMA-11-25-20-A-N, MCMA-11-25-25-A-N, MCMA-11-25-30-A-N, MCMA-11-25-35-A-N , MCMA-11-25-40-A-N, MCMA-11-25-45-A-N, MCMA-11-25-50-A-N, MCMA-11-25-60-A-N,MCMA-11-25-70-A-N, MCMA-11-25-75-A-N, MCMA-11-25-80-A-N, MCMA-11-25-100-A-N, MCMA-11-25-125-A-N , MCMA-11-25-140-A-N, MCMA-11-25-150-A-N, MCMA-11-25-175-A-N, MCMA-11-25-180-A-N, MCMA-11-25-200-A-N, MCMA-11-25-225-A-N, MCMA-11-25-250-A-N, MCMA-11-25-300-A-N, MCMA-11-25-350-A-N, MCMA-11-25-375-A-N, MCMA-11-25-400-A-N, MCMA-11-25-500-A-N
MCMA-11-32-10-A-N, MCMA-11-32-15-A-N , MCMA-11-32-20-A-N, MCMA-11-32-25-A-N, MCMA-11-32-30-A-N, MCMA-11-32-35-A-N , MCMA-11-32-40-A-N, MCMA-11-32-45-A-N, MCMA-11-32-50-A-N, MCMA-11-32-60-A-N,MCMA-11-32-70-A-N, MCMA-11-32-75-A-N, MCMA-11-32-80-A-N, MCMA-11-32-100-A-N, MCMA-11-32-125-A-N , MCMA-11-32-140-A-N, MCMA-11-32-150-A-N, MCMA-11-32-175-A-N, MCMA-11-32-180-A-N, MCMA-11-32-200-A-N, MCMA-11-32-225-A-N, MCMA-11-32-250-A-N, MCMA-11-32-300-A-N, MCMA-11-32-350-A-N, MCMA-11-32-375-A-N, MCMA-11-32-400-A-N, MCMA-11-32-500-A-N
MCMA-11-40-10-A-N, MCMA-11-40-15-A-N , MCMA-11-40-20-A-N, MCMA-11-40-25-A-N, MCMA-11-40-30-A-N, MCMA-11-40-35-A-N , MCMA-11-40-40-A-N, MCMA-11-40-45-A-N, MCMA-11-40-50-A-N, MCMA-11-40-60-A-N,MCMA-11-40-70-A-N, MCMA-11-40-75-A-N, MCMA-11-40-80-A-N, MCMA-11-40-100-A-N, MCMA-11-40-125-A-N , MCMA-11-40-140-A-N, MCMA-11-40-150-A-N, MCMA-11-40-175-A-N, MCMA-11-40-180-A-N, MCMA-11-40-200-A-N, MCMA-11-40-225-A-N, MCMA-11-40-250-A-N, MCMA-11-40-300-A-N, MCMA-11-40-350-A-N, MCMA-11-40-375-A-N, MCMA-11-40-400-A-N, MCMA-11-40-500-A-N
MCMA-11-25-10-A, MCMA-11-25-15-A , MCMA-11-25-20-A, MCMA-11-25-25-A, MCMA-11-25-30-A, MCMA-11-25-35-A , MCMA-11-25-40-A, MCMA-11-25-45-A, MCMA-11-25-50-A, MCMA-11-25-60-A,MCMA-11-25-70-A, MCMA-11-25-75-A, MCMA-11-25-80-A, MCMA-11-25-100-A, MCMA-11-25-125-A , MCMA-11-25-140-A, MCMA-11-25-150-A, MCMA-11-25-175-A, MCMA-11-25-180-A, MCMA-11-25-200-A, MCMA-11-25-225-A, MCMA-11-25-250-A, MCMA-11-25-300-A, MCMA-11-25-350-A, MCMA-11-25-375-A, MCMA-11-25-400-A, MCMA-11-25-500-A
MCMA-11-32-10-A, MCMA-11-32-15-A , MCMA-11-32-20-A, MCMA-11-32-25-A, MCMA-11-32-30-A, MCMA-11-32-35-A , MCMA-11-32-40-A, MCMA-11-32-45-A, MCMA-11-32-50-A, MCMA-11-32-60-A,MCMA-11-32-70-A, MCMA-11-32-75-A, MCMA-11-32-80-A, MCMA-11-32-100-A, MCMA-11-32-125-A , MCMA-11-32-140-A, MCMA-11-32-150-A, MCMA-11-32-175-A, MCMA-11-32-180-A, MCMA-11-32-200-A, MCMA-11-32-225-A, MCMA-11-32-250-A, MCMA-11-32-300-A, MCMA-11-32-350-A, MCMA-11-32-375-A, MCMA-11-32-400-A, MCMA-11-32-500-A
MCMA-11-40-10-A, MCMA-11-40-15-A , MCMA-11-40-20-A, MCMA-11-40-25-A, MCMA-11-40-30-A, MCMA-11-40-35-A , MCMA-11-40-40-A, MCMA-11-40-45-A, MCMA-11-40-50-A, MCMA-11-40-60-A,MCMA-11-40-70-A, MCMA-11-40-75-A, MCMA-11-40-80-A, MCMA-11-40-100-A, MCMA-11-40-125-A , MCMA-11-40-140-A, MCMA-11-40-150-A, MCMA-11-40-175-A, MCMA-11-40-180-A, MCMA-11-40-200-A, MCMA-11-40-225-A, MCMA-11-40-250-A, MCMA-11-40-300-A, MCMA-11-40-350-A, MCMA-11-40-375-A, MCMA-11-40-400-A, MCMA-11-40-500-A

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