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CSS 8-180-2P-E-LSt

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• 1 x connector plug M12, 8-pole • Thermoplastic enclosure • Electronic contact-free, coded system • Comfortable diagnostics through sensor LED and electronic signalling output • Misaligned actuation possible • High repeat accuracy of the switching points • Max. length of the sensor chain 200 m • Early warning when operating near the limit of the sensor"s hysteris range • Self-monitoring series-wiring of 16 sensors • 2 short-circuit proof PNP safety outputs

Ordering details
Product type description CSS 8-180-2P+D-M-ST
Article number 101209595
EAN code 4030661387758
eCl@ss 27-27-24-01
Approval  BG
Standards EN ISO 13849-1, IEC 61508, IEC 60947-5-3
PL up e
Control category bis 4
PFH 2.5 x 10- 9 / h
SIL bis 3
Mission time 20 Years
Classification PDF-M
Global Properties
Product name CSS 180
Standards IEC 61508, IEC 60947-5-3
Compliance with the Directives (Y/N)  Yes
Suitable for safety functions (Y/N) Yes
Protection rating II
Function Individual sensor or end sensor in a series, Sensor for series wiring
Series-wiring up to 16 components
Length of the sensor chain max. 200 m
Active principle inductive
- Material of the housings Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
- Material of the nuts Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
- Material of the active surface Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
Housing construction form cylinder, thread
Weight 138 g
Reaction time ≤ 30 ms
Duration of risk ≤ 30 ms
Cascadable (Y/N) No
Recommended actuator CST 180-1, CST 180-2
Mechanical data
Design of electrical connection connector plug M12, 8-pole
- Connector IN/OUT Connector M12, 8-pole
mechanical installation conditions not flush
Switch distance Sn 8 mm
Ensured switch distance ON Sao 7 mm
Ensured switch distance OFF Sar 10 mm
hysteresis ≤ 0,7 mm
Repeat accuracy R R ≤ 0,2 mm
restistance to shock 30 g / 11 ms
Resistance to vibration 10 … 55 Hz, Amplitude 1 mm
Tightening torque for nuts A/F 24 max. 300 Ncm
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature −25 °C
- Max. environmental temperature +60 °C
Storage and transport temperature
- Min. Storage and transport temperature −25 °C
- Max. Storage and transport temperature +85 °C
Protection class IP65, IP67 to IEC/EN 60529
Air clearances and creepage distances To IEC/EN 60664-1
- Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 0,8 kV
- Overvoltage category III
- Degree of pollution 3
Electrical data
Cross circuit/short circuit recognition possible (Y/N) Yes
Voltage type DC
Supply voltage UB
- Min. supply voltage 20.4 VDC
- Max. supply voltage 26.4 VDC
Switch frequency 3 Hz
Rated insulation voltage Ui 32 VDC
Residual current Ir ≤ 0,5 mA
Operating current Ie 1 A
Utilisation category DC-12: 24 V / 0,5 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,5 A
No-load current I0 0,05 A
Electrical data - Safety outputs
Safety outputs Y1 and Y2
Fuse rating short-circuit proof, p-type
Design of control output PNP
Number of secure semi-conductor outputs 2 piece
Max. output current at secured output 0,5 A
Rated operating voltage 24 VDC
Operating current Ie 0,5 A
Utilisation category DC-12: 24 V / 0,5 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,5 A
Voltage drop Ud max. 0,5 V
Electrical data - Diagnostic output
Fuse rating short-circuit proof, p-type
Design of control output PNP
Number of semi-conductor outputs with signaling function 1 piece
Rated operating voltage 24 VDC
Operating current Ie 0,05 A
Utilisation category DC-12, DC-13
Wiring capacitance for serial diagnostics max. 50 nF
LED switching conditions display
LED switching conditions display (Y/N) Yes
Multi-coloured LED green, red, yellow
Explosion protection categories for gases None
Explosion protected category for dusts None
Dimensions of the sensor
- Length of sensor 92 mm
- Diameter of sensor M18
Pin assignment
1 A1 Ue
2 X2 Safety input 2
3 A2 GND
4 Y1 Safety output 1
5 Signalling output
6 X1 Safety input 1
7 2 Safety output Y2
8 without function
Requirements for the safety monitoring module 2-channel safety input, suitable for p-type sensors with NO function. The safety monitoring module must tolerate internal functional tests of the sensors with cyclic switch-off of the sensor outputs for max. 2 ms. The safety monitoring module does not need to have a cross-wire short monitoring function.
Included in delivery
Actuators must be ordered separately.
Mounting accessories 2 x Nuts M 18 x 1

K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG, Möddinghofe 30, D-42279 Wuppertal
The data and values have been checked throroughly. Technical modifications and errors excepted.
Generiert am 10.06.2017 - 20:24:41h Kasbase 3.2.6.F.64I
Công tắc giới hạn
ui 500V, ip 65, uimp 6KV ZS 335-11Z SCHMERSAL
Cơ cấu đóng/mở van khí nén 
Pressure Conection: G1/8"
90⁰ Rotation
VT522 AirTorque
Bộ lọc hệ thống CEMS
Pmax= 4 bar, Nhiệt độ môi trường 150 độ C, trọng lượng 570g Model: 7F4759 ASE
Pressure Control valve
Bộ điều khiển áp suất khí điều khiển van
Pmax=784 kpa, P làm việc=40-60 kpa, nhiệt độ 0 đến 60 độ C, trọng lương 500 g Model: RU5-435 ASE
Công tắc chuyển đổi hệ thống nhiên liệu
Công tắc giới hạn
15-34 VDC/J=200 mA, EN 50 008-A23 sn 15mm 3RG40 24-0JB00- Siemens
Công tắc giới hạn
AC 15 230V, 3A
3SE5 112-0CH51 Siemens
Limit switch
Công tắc giới hạn
AC 15 230V, 3A
3SE5 112-0CT011 Siemens
Under speed
Cảm biến giới hạn tốc độ
Trip wire switch 10A-125/250 VAC,1/2A- 125VDC ELAW-31 MASUSHIMA
Công tắc giới hạn
AC 15, NC T2L-035-11Z-M20 SCHMERSAL
Cảm biến giới hạn
120VA/W, max 3A
Công tắc giới hạn
  TM250-11Z-242 SCHMERSAL
Travel limitswitch
Công tắc giới hạn
ui 500V, ip 65, uimp 6KV, AC15 Z4V7H335-11Z-2272/2654 SCHMERSAL
Schmersal VietNam TV. 015-11Y-M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 161-STS30-04 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 161-STS30-05 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 161-STS30-06 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 415-STS30-01 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam BN 20-RZ-ST-2452 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TR 422-10Y-RMS-M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G 50-025-T33/33Y-M20 -1600-1 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TV7H 235-20ZZ-2138/2375 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ZV7H 235-11ZZ-2375 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T4VH 335-11Z-1172/1637/2444 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TK 335-11Z-M20-1087/1637 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TR 335-11Z-M20-1087/1637 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TR 335-11Z-M20-U90-1087/1637 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TS 335-11Z-M20-1087/1637 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T4V1H 335-11Z-M20-1087/1172/1637 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G 50-017-M44/44Y- M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T4V1H 335-11Z-M20-U180-1087/1172/1637 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam BN 31-RZ-1978-4 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam NWS...K/o.G. Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ZV12H 235-11Z-M20- RMS-2252 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ASH 015L-11D/50X-M16 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G150-075-Z22/M33Y-M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TD 250-12Z-M25-R=2X45GR.-1276-2 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam EFP ST-AS330 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam EFP DT-AS330 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T4VH 335-11Z-1795/2444 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TL 461-22Y-K-UE-M20-1276-2/1801 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ZV7H 235-11Z-ST Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G150-100-M44/44Y-M20 -1601-4 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G 50-017-M33/33Y-M20 -2281-6 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G150-075-Z11/11-M11/11Y-M20-1600-1 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AV 20LHE2X20U GB 215 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TESZ1102/5? Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TJ 064-22Y-RMS Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AV 15RBE4X15 O.A. Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 170SK-02ZRI B5-2197 24VAC/DC Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 415-11/02ZPKF 48VAC/ DC Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam UVH 434Y-M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TA 130-13Y-R=2X45GR.-M25 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TS 015-02Y-M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G 50-017-M44/44Y- M20-1601-8 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TZF.NEM.CH3?24VDC Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZM 170CC-02ZRKA 24VAC/DC Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AV 15LKB2H105X45R 45 GR. N Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T3K 236-11Z-M16-U90 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam Z3K 236-02Z-M20-1297 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam Z4VH 335-11Z-M20-RMS-1172/1699 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam SE-PR CA-Primer 5ml Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TV1H 255-11Z Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ZSM 241-01XR-L 3,0M Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ZSM 241-01XR-R 3,0M Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T1K 355-11ZUE-M20 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZ 3350-12ZUEK-U270 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE MP AZ 3350 LACK. Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE MP AZM 415-01 LACK. Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE MP AZ 415-01 LACK. Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE MP AZ 3350-B30 LACK. Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AZ 3350-12ZUEK-U90 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G150-075-Z44/44Y-M20 -FL1-1368-2/1600-1 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam AV 18LHKE1X30L 45 GR.N Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MV8H 330-11Y-1361-5 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam BNS 303-11ZG-ST Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam G 50-035-Z44/44Y- M20-1368-2/1600-1 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam STERNGRIFF MIT VKT.8 BEST-NR. 2009135.00-00000 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE KPL. MP AZ 3350 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam T1R 255-11Z Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TK 255-20Z Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TK4 255-20ZH Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE KPL. MP AZ 3350-B30 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TS 255-11ZUE Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam MONTAGEPLATTE KPL. MP TG-01 Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam TV12H 255-20Z Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam Z1R 255-11Z Greentech Vietnam
Schmersal VietNam ZV14H 255-02Z Greentech Vietnam


Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024
(Type: AZM 161SK-12/12rk-024-2201)
Schmersal Solenoid Interlocks Only
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RKN-024
Safety door switch with interlocks 2NC 1NO,
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024    -2201
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024-2097101188636
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024-   1637
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024    -2449
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024-   M20-2630
Schmersal Vietnam AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024 M16  
(Ordering details
Product type description AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024
Article number 1164207
EAN code 4030661205144)
Schmersal Vietnam Code: 101154221
AZ 16-12ZVRK-M16
AZ16-12ZVRK ( M16)
Schmersal Vietnam AZ15/16-B2
corrected BETAETIGER  AZ 15/16-B2 KPL.
Schmersal Vietnam Schmersal sealed Lead micro switch
Model: M2S 660-11-K-Y (M2S660-11-K-Y)
Code: 101055373
4A- 250V
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-RMS
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-M20
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-RVA
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-1172
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-RMS
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-M20
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-RVA
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z-1172
Schmersal Vietnam TVH 335-01/01Z
Schmersal Vietnam Correct: ML 441-11Y-M20
Code: 101170496
Schmersal Vietnam Model: ML 441-11Y-T-M20 (ML441-11YT-M20)
Code: 101170498
Schmersal Vietnam Type: TV8H 330-11Y-1903
Code: 101099849
(TV8H-330-11Y-1903-100 nos)
Schmersal Vietnam Safety Switch
Code: 101152725
Type: AZ 16-12ZVK-M16
(Type: AZ 16-12zvk)
Schmersal Vietnam Type: TZG02.110 (TZG 02.110)
Code: 101024377
Schmersal Vietnam Part No: BN 20-11RZ-M16 (BN20-11RZ-M16)
Code: 101165310
250 VAC/DC(0.48A) –IP67)
Schmersal Vietnam Correct: FWS 1205 A
Code: 101170053
Model: FWS 1205)
Schmersal Vietnam Correct: FWS 1205 BCode: 101170054(Control-logicModel: FWS 1205)
Schmersal Vietnam Correct: FWS 1205 C
Code: 101170056
Model: FWS 1205)
Schmersal Vietnam Correct: FWS 1205 C-2201
Code: 101176532
Model: FWS 1205)
Schmersal Vietnam Correct: FWS 1205 B
Code: 101170054
Model: FWS 1205)
Schmersal Vietnam Switch
Code: AZ415-11/11ZPK-M20
Schmersal Vietnam AZ 16-12 ZVRK -M16
Schmersal Vietnam Type: Z1R 236-11Z-M20
Code: 101156129
(type: Z1R 236-11Z)
Schmersal Vietnam AZ 16-12 ZVRK -M16
Schmersal Vietnam Replaced by: ZQ 700-11         
(Limit Switch
Model: ZS7110/1S
Schmersal Vietnam Type: Z4VH 335-11Z-M20-RMS
Code: 101166367
(A600 TYPE 1 Z4VH 335-11Z-M20-RMS
IEC 60947-5-1  IP67
Ui 500V
Uimp 6KV
Schmersal Vietnam CODICE SAP: 101195691
Description: Z4V7H 335-11Z-RVA-2272
Product Reihe: 03400500
Schmesal Vietnam Type: AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024
Code: 1164207
Schmersal Vietnam SAFETY SWITCH
AZM 170-11ZRK-ST-2111-1/2197
Note: Please confirm the code
Schmersal Vietnam Model: SCM101170996         
Schmersal Vietnam Safety switch with actuator
Model: AZ15ZVK-M16
Schmersal Vietnam Art no.: 101172882
Code: BN 20-10Z-M16
Schmersal Vietnam Art no.: 101156136
Code: ZS 336-11Z-M20
Schmersal Vietnam Code: IFL 15-30-10/01YG
Art No.: 101056906
Schmersal Vietnam 101170049
AES 1235
Schmersal Vietnam 101172219
AES 2285
Schmersal Vietnam 101170049
AES 1235
Schmersal Vietnam 101172219
AES 2285 
Schmersal Vietnam 101170840
Schmersal Vietnam  
SRB324ST 24V (V.3)
Schmersal Vietnam 101195505
SRB324ST/R V.3
Schmersal Vietnam 101175474
Schmersal Vietnam Art no.: 101172893Code: BN 20-2RZ-M16


  Schmersal VietNam TV. 015-11Y-M20
  Schmersal VietNam AZM 161-STS30-04
  Schmersal VietNam AZM 161-STS30-05
  Schmersal VietNam AZM 161-STS30-06
  Schmersal VietNam AZM 415-STS30-01
  Schmersal VietNam BN 20-RZ-ST-2452
  Schmersal VietNam TR 422-10Y-RMS-M20
  Schmersal VietNam G 50-025-T33/33Y-M20 -1600-1
  Schmersal VietNam TV7H 235-20ZZ-2138/2375
  Schmersal VietNam ZV7H 235-11ZZ-2375
  Schmersal VietNam T4VH 335-11Z-1172/1637/2444
  Schmersal VietNam TK 335-11Z-M20-1087/1637
  Schmersal VietNam TR 335-11Z-M20-1087/1637
  Schmersal VietNam TR 335-11Z-M20-U90-1087/1637
  Schmersal VietNam TS 335-11Z-M20-1087/1637
  Schmersal VietNam T4V1H 335-11Z-M20-1087/1172/1637
  Schmersal VietNam G 50-017-M44/44Y- M20
  Schmersal VietNam T4V1H 335-11Z-M20-U180-1087/1172/1637
  Schmersal VietNam BN 31-RZ-1978-4
  Schmersal VietNam NWS...K/o.G.
  Schmersal VietNam ZV12H 235-11Z-M20- RMS-2252
  Schmersal VietNam ASH 015L-11D/50X-M16
  Schmersal VietNam G150-075-Z22/M33Y-M20
  Schmersal VietNam TD 250-12Z-M25-R=2X45GR.-1276-2
  Schmersal VietNam EFP ST-AS330
  Schmersal VietNam EFP DT-AS330
  Schmersal VietNam T4VH 335-11Z-1795/2444
  Schmersal VietNam TL 461-22Y-K-UE-M20-1276-2/1801
  Schmersal VietNam ZV7H 235-11Z-ST
  Schmersal VietNam G150-100-M44/44Y-M20 -1601-4
  Schmersal VietNam G 50-017-M33/33Y-M20 -2281-6
  Schmersal VietNam G150-075-Z11/11-M11/11Y-M20-1600-1
  Schmersal VietNam AV 20LHE2X20U GB 215
  Schmersal VietNam TESZ1102/5?
  Schmersal VietNam TJ 064-22Y-RMS
  Schmersal VietNam AV 15RBE4X15 O.A.
  Schmersal VietNam AZM 170SK-02ZRI B5-2197 24VAC/DC
  Schmersal VietNam AZM 415-11/02ZPKF 48VAC/ DC

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